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Fruit of the Loom with more than 37 million dozens of clothing for export per year.

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At the  27,000 square meters facitlity of the San Andrés plant of Fruit of the Loom, located in American Park in Lourdes, La Libertad, the sewing machines march at full steam to mamufacture a variety of garments. The 100% of the products are exported to retail and sportswear stores all across the United States and Mexico.


Fruit of the Loom is an americanmultinational that established its operations in El Salvador in 25 years ago, it has production plants in at least a dozen countries worldwide.


In El Salvador, it started with one facility and around 600 employees. Currently has four plants and 9,500 employees.


The company arrived in El Salvador in 1994. In the four years that followed they opened a facility per year, hired about 1,000 employees annually and had an exponential growth.


"Now we are 9,500 employees in El Salvador, we have invested in efficiency," said engineer Jaime Guevara, Vice President of Manufacturing for El Salvador and Mexico.


The San Andrés plant is a  27,000 square meter facility and the largest of the four owned by the company in the country (the other three are Lamatepec, Balsamar and Joya de Cerén, also in La Libertad).


Fruit of The Loom has at least ten production lines. The most popular are T-shirts, shorts, panties, boxers, long-sleeved shirts, among others, for adults and kids.


Most of what is made at the  San Andrés facility as well as in the other three plants is exported  to the USA(92% of the total), 5% to Mexico and the rest to Canada.


On average, the company produces 37 million dozens of garments per year and, in 2018, grew 7% compared to previous years. That, says engineer Guevara is their bet, to keep that pace or togrow even more.


“The  growth continued last year. This year we will grow more, we want that. We have hired from January to June, about 600 people with the intention of increasing production, growth projections are high and this is due to the demand for the products and the company's strategies for El Salvador,”explained engineer Guevara.


According to the Vice President of Manufacturing, the company has state of the art equipment and to achieve its objectives, in addition to focusing on employees joining the workforce, Fruit of the Loom has have acquired new machinery that is more efficient, makes less noise and is faster.


The president of the company explained that they have modernized the inventory area and in the last year, they have invested more than ever in innovation and process improvement programs, although he did not detail figures.


In the region besides El Salvador, Fruit of The Loom has facilities in Honduras and Mexico. In the case of the first country, it is the supplier of fabrics for the three countries, however, in terms of volume of garments, El Salvador has the highest production: 37 million dozens of garments of all types, per year.


Transformation programs


The company has been committed to Corporate Social Responsibility programs since 2010 and every year invests just over $ 76,000 dollars.


One of the most emblematic projects is the “I run with my heart” race, which they carry out every year. More than 5,000 people have joined the project in order to benefit the pediatric area of ​​the San Juan de Dios hospital in Santa Ana.


Thanks to this initiative, they have already supported the hospital with more than $175,000, used to improve the pediatric area, to build dormitories for the mothers of patients that  liveoutside Santa Ana, among other benefits. It is worth noting that the company has the largest breast milk bank in the country, formed by its female employees , and the bank has donated 269 liters of milk for the newborns of the referred hospital.


They also sponsor four schools located around La Libertad and Santa Ana and close to their production plants, which they have supported with improvements in infrastructure, donation of equipment, drinking water and more.


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