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PROESA promotes the Conference on Trends and uses of sustainable packaging and the importance in world trade

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The Conference on Trend and Sustainable Packaging Uses and the Importance of World Trade took place this year on July 23rd, at the Sheraton Presidente Hotel.


Around 150 people representing 80 Salvadoran exporting companies with export potential were trained through the conference held by the Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador (PROESA) and Fundación Salvadoreña para el Desarrollo Económico y Social (FUSADES) through its PROINNOVA program.


The event was attended by companies from the packaging industries, chemical and pharmaceutical sector, cosmetics, personal care, food and beverages.


Conference development


Sustainable packaging is the contribution of responsible companies to reduce waste that pollutes the environment, but it is also increasing requirement of consumers. A package serves not only to contain a product, but also gives the product it´s identity. If this is made with ecological materials it can be a very effective sales argument among the new generations of consumers aware of environmental issues.


The development of containers and packaging has evolved in recent years due to various factors such as: globalization, new technologies, design innovation and concerns on the environment, according to information provided by the speaker in his technical proposal.


Given the demands of the markets (through laws and regulations related to sustainability), as well as the demands of consumers (especially on food packaging), they are increasing the challenge on companies in this industry, since they are responsible for investigating and responding to the needs of the companies in the food sector, but especially consumer’s needs.


It is also important to mention that due to the rise of the internet and the development of new technologies, the container became another platform to get closer to the consumer. For this reason, packaging is an essential part in the promotion of a product, which is directly related to the elaboration of attractive designs for buyers.


Benefit for participating companies:


• The information provided through this conference helped to reduce lack of information on products, and target markets of exporting companies or with export potential in obtaining strategic information on trends, new technologies, etc. as well as improving production processes in the use of raw material with the purpose of protecting the environment.

• This type of specialized conference serves to strengthen their capacities to successfully address other more demanding markets such as North America, South America and Europe, given that consumers in these regions have a culture of environmental responsibility. 


Actualizado 09/03/2019
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