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PROESA participates in the French Investment and Trade Forum

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The president of the Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador (known in Spanish as PROESA), Salvador Gómez Góchez, contributed in the French Investment and Trade Forum in Central America, organized by the French Embassy.


During the activity, he presented the different business opportunities that El Salvador holds to French investors and visitors of the rest of the world. Among these, he mentioned Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), and explained the role of PROESA as the body that, by law, studies, structures and advises on PPPs, in addition he made a call to all national and international companies to be part of this new initiative.


In the same way, he explained about all the efforts that the Salvadoran government is making to boost the economic sector, through the investment and promotion of tourism, agribusiness, call centers, and mainly PPP sectors.


“As PROESA, we want to build confidence so that any investor, legal or natural person can come and invest calmly, since the investment climate of our country has changed dramatically. As President Nayib Bukele says ‘El Salvador is the best place in the world to invest’ and we support it because we are working hard for it,” said Gómez Góchez.


Plus, he added that “we have several Public-Private Partnerships that we are studying and structuring, in which there will be investment opportunities in our country, and the bidding bases of the Airport Cargo Terminal are already on sale, this being the first PPP in the history of El Salvador. These can be acquired at CEPA”.


For his part, the Secretary of Investment and Commerce, Miguel Kattan, spoke about the pro-investment vision that the government intends to achieve, not only in the business area but also as a country.


“As a Secretariat, we have a vision that we try to convey to all entrepreneurs, and it is that is impossible to have a healthy company in a sick community. And this has made possible that, together with the private sector, from day one, we have been able to make substantial changes,” said Kattan.


The Forum is held every two years, in a Central American country, and in 2019 El Salvador has been the headquarters. The event was attended by investors from France, Mexico, Panama, development banks specialized in private projects, among others.


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October 24, 2019


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