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Teleperformance celebrates 15 years of operations in El Salvador

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Teleperformance celebrates 15 years of operations in El Salvador, being one of the most important contact centers in the region, started operations with a building located on Avenida Olímpica, with a team of 75 employees for one single client in the United States. Today there is a team of more than 5,500 employees, more than 15 clients, and 6 buildings at different locations in San Salvador, Antiguo Cuscatlán and Santa Tecla.


The trajectory and success of Teleperformance in El Salvador is mainly due to its strategy focused on three issues: First of all values ​​and positioning, being the pioneers in this and other industries positioning the company through the happiness of its employees, promoting and ensuring the welfare of them; Second is the close and open communication with employees, with personalized and anonymous communication channels for employees to constantly say what they like, what they don't like and what they want from the company; and the third is their constant investment in training and development.


Among its expansion projects is in the construction of their seventh building, which will generate 2,500 new jobs, through growth of current customers and new business opportunities.


In matters of Corporate Social Responsibility, Teleperformance is a company that commits to the communities in all the areas where it operates, for that reason they have two social responsibility programs called Citizen of the World and Citizen of the Planet, and through them they are making important economic contributions and volunteers for society in different sectors of the country. These programs include initiatives to help both the communities and the environment, which is a way of giving back to the country where it operates.


Actualizado 12/18/2019
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