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PETTENATI CENTRO AMÉRICA, 11 years strengthening the textile sector of Central America.

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The Brazilian company Pettenati Centro América, started operations in El Salvador in 2008 with the establishment of a textile plant located on the road to Santa Ana. The initial investment was USD 20 million and generated 168 sources of employment in the country.


With this project Pettenati Centro América consolidates its position in the international market with a new business model and with the mission of offering the best textile technology in the world, in a green factory, totally friendly to the environment.


A decade later, Pettenati Central America in El Salvador has increased its workforce to 716 workers, including 149 women and 567 men.


Since its creation, the Brazilian company has invested more than USD 80 million in El Salvador in order to cover more markets. For the next few years they have expansion plans through the expansion of productive capacity and construction of a new industrial building, with an investment amount of around USD 9 million and the expectation of generating 50 additional direct jobs, said the Operations Director, Francesco Pilenga.


Pilenga affirmed that the Brazilian company decided to establish itself in El Salvador due to the competitive advantages that the country offers such as the proximity to the North American market, as well as taking advantage of the commercial treaties, specifically, the Free Trade Agreement between the United States of America, Central America and Dominican Republic (CAFTA-DR FTA).


The textile produces and markets more than 200 different types of knitting and markets to countries like United States, Canada, Paraguay, Peru, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Japan, Korea, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Israel, Holland, Spain, Italy, France and England.


Pettenati worldwide have more than 2,150 employees and regional offices and representatives in different cities of Brazil. It exports to several continents like America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.


At the regional level, Pettenati Central America is the engine of the CLUSTER OF THE TEXTILE INDUSTRY, which brings together large garment companies and national and international suppliers, as well as the growth of many companies that provide their services and sell their products to the entire textile sector.


Pettenati Centro América seeks to position itself in El Salvador as a socially responsible company in accordance with our corporate mission. Developing sustainable schemes in which balance the generation of economic value with social and environmental value for all stakeholders of the company: customers, workers, suppliers and the community, said the Director of Operations.


This approach is carried out in a set of practices and programs according to the business strategy: Community (In terms of education, safety and health), environment and internal client.


Actions that frame the strategy:


Care and preservation of the environment:


  • Recycling of residual water
  • Development of efficient technologies to reduce environmental impacts: atmospheric emissions, compressed air, lighting
  • Renewable photovoltaic energy
  • Responsible waste management
  • Reforestation


Social projects:


  • Improvement of the educational quality in the area of belonging
  • Involvement in social security of surrounding communities
  • Comprehensive health program in communities
  • Cross-sector support


Internal customers:


  • Code of ethics and business conduct
  • Inter-business alliances
  • Comprehensive health programs (Medical, dental and psychological)
  • Food and transportation



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