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El Salvador Logistics Forum 2030: Initiative by the private and public sector with a view to a national discussion of logistics, transport and ports.

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Our government with the private sector realized the Logistic El Salvador 2030. During two days, this forum brought together the logistic community, this collective synergy create a climate of trust that allows foreign investment, and provide a policy the national logistics, transportation and ports infrastructure that exist in a logistics platform that turns the country more competitive and connected to the world in a more efficient manner. This effort promoted through an understanding between the Ministry of Public Works, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and the Salvadoran Foundation for Economic and Social Development, through the competitiveness initiative and has the support of Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador (PROESA) and the United Nations System in El Salvador.

Because of the country´s proximity to the United States market and the emerging of Mesoamerica market, as well as the free trade agreements that it has, El Salvador has preferential access to a market of 1.2 billion people and is a key player in the regional distribution of load.Therefore the country is developing logistics capabilities and looking to attract investments for improving distribution efficiencies via various infrastructure load (container terminal, airport modernization) and operations (methods of transport and equipment) in order to take advantage of our geographical location to increase our global trade integration and increase the employment opportunities.

"The commitment to turn El Salvador into a regional and international logistics center is an idea that is very deep in the mind and in the commitment of most sectors, that’s why we will build a state policy. This is one of the consensuses that the Economic and Social Council took between all sectors: business, labor, academic.The 2024 strategic commitment must be to converted El Salvador in an international logistics center, "said Alexander Segovia, Technical Secretary of the Presidency. He remarked: "The difference is that now we have passed the idea of discourse and concrete action. For example, the mobilization of resources that we are going to do and that we are already doing to direct them to the coast, to the most developed logistics area are huge right now. We're talking about major investments of U.S. $ 2.5 billion."

"El Salvador is a vital link in Mesoamerican corridor and therefore it is important for the country to do its thing. For that reason we have established for the first time in history an interagency commission in a macro integrator effort of the state to advance in a articulated mobility strategy logistics, transportation and ports, “said Gerson Martinez, Minister of Works Public Transportation, Housing and Urban Development.

"We have always believed that if we develop our infrastructure, which is already relatively good, if we improve the port and airport road structure and in an  important addition, the connectivity, then the country becomes a magnet for investment," said Francisco de Sola, president of the Salvadoran Foundation for Economic and Social Development (FUSADES).

In El Salvador Logistics 2030 will count with the participation of the government official cabinet also with national and international experts that will contribute in areas that will be the focus of the five panel discussions about the modernization of customs, airports as indispensable links in the logistics value chain, the role of public administration in development policies to the ports of El Salvador (La Unión and Acajutla) in the context of global logistics and mobility, and the role of free zones and the territorial development of the country.


For more information about the Forum, visit our website: can also follow the Twitter accounts @ Proesa_sv / @ alertasmop / @ FUSADES / @ PNUDSV or the hashtag # ForoLogístico2030

Actualizado 06/18/2013
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