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English training program to attract more investment

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The Government of El Salvador through the Export And Investment Promotion Agency Of El Salvador (PROESA), and the Technical Secretariat of the Presidency, launched this July 15th the program called “Be successful improving your English”, this program goes to Salvadoran people over 18 years old with a higher academic level in this language in order to attract more investment and enhance the growth of strategic sectors in the country. This program has the support of the Special Fund Resources of the Privatization Hailing ANTEL.

This human resource training pretends to attract new investments or to facilitate the expansion of existing ones in the strategic sectors of El Salvador from English vocational training for beneficiaries so that way they can acquire to the appropriate knowledge and apply for jobs in the sectors of aviation, tourism, finance, human resources, customer service and information technology and others, those are the industries that are growing in the country and demanding human resources that are able to master that language. This program will benefit 650 people in El Salvador at the end of next year; the first training will start this july 15th.

“This program started because of the demand of companies from strategic sectors,  that want to expand their operations, that require human resource specialized in the domain of English, allowing us to reduce the existing gap between the demand and the offer” added Giovanni Berti, CEO of PROESA. Also, it was noted that here has been a dialogue with various companies in these months, so that, with their support the employment training will be more successful. These will give the chance to train your employees groups until the vacancy of 650 people is complete.

The evaluation of this program was made at the end of January 2013, allowing each person to be placed at the level that corresponds. Of these five levels, the students in the intermediate level will require 720 hours of training, and the highest level (top Academic) will require 120 hours for the respective certification.

The institution in charge of the training is the American School Association, project application that it has secured schedules for the program “Be successful improving your English” that can be coupled according to the time they have to devote to their studies, work or family; Especially because each person must agree with the minimum attendance required by the study center.

The program “Be successful improving your English” will be executed over the next 18 months. The investment for this program by the Government of El Salvador through FANTEL represents more than U.S $ 500, 000.


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Actualizado 07/15/2013
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