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The Government of El Salvador Promotes the Country´s Potential as a Global Investment Opportunity in United States Forum.

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El Salvador Government, through the Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador  (PROESA) hosted the Forum El Salvador: Opportunities Beyond Expectations, which took place in New York City, in the United States. The intention of the event is to promote El Salvador as a regional investment hub.


Mr. Sigfrido Reyes, President of PROESA, stated the following “Through this Forum, PROESA looks to establish contact and strengthen ties with fellow Salvadorans residing in the United States, and also with persons of interest with the capability of Investing in specific fields in El Salvador”


The strategic fields referred to by Mr. Reyes are aeronautics, agricultural industries, energy generation, light manufacturing, remote professional services, tourism and confections and textile specialties.


Monetary and Economical stability are some of the advantages offered by the Government of El Salvador to potential investors, other advantages are its preferential access to international markets thanks to multiple current free trade agreements; El Salvador´s strategic geographical location right in the center of the Americas, modern and competitive infrastructure and a Legal platform that supports and promotes investment.


This Legal platform  is composed of important Laws such as the Judiciary Stability of Investments Law, Industrial Free Trade and Commercialization Zones Law; Expedite Procedure Law for the Promotion of Construction Projects, and the International Services Law among others.


The World Bank, Reto Milenio Corporation and The Financial Times have acknowledged this advantages for potential investors. A Doing Business report, from the World Bank, puts El Salvador at the Top 10 best Latin American and Caribbean countries to conduct business with ease. Financial Times´ FDi Intelligence Magazine has named El Salvador as the most cost effective country in Central America, and the only country in the region that has been awarded funds twice by Reto Milenio Corporation based on governability, Human Capital investment and Economic Freedom.


PROESA supports the advances in investment promotion through initiatives like Red de Promoción de Inversiones de El Salvador, which main objective is to build a support mechanism to identify individuals with Salvadoran ties that reside outside of the country and will serve as contacts to potential investors, and eventually attract economical growth to El Salvador. For more info about this program visit


To learn more about the activities of PROESA and its officials call (503) 25927000, visit our website or contact us at Esta dirección de correo electrónico está protegida contra spambots. Usted necesita tener Javascript activado para poder verla.

Actualizado 11/12/2015
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