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Davivienda donates $ 300,000 to face the emergency due to COVID-19

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Davivienda El Salvador announced a donation of $ 300,000 to strengthen the work against the COVID-19 pandemic.


The entity signed a cooperation agreement with the Salvadoran Red Cross for the entity to administer the funds destined to take care of the personnel who work in the direct attention of the national emergency.


The funds will be delivered in two stages: a direct donation of $ 250,000, and another of $ 50,000.


The money will be used to purchase personal protective medical equipment and to equip doctors and nurses' rest areas.


The agreement with the Red Cross stipulates that this entity will manage the donation for acquisition of materials and equipment.


The agreement was signed by the Executive President of Davivienda, Gerardo Simán; and the First Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Red Cross, Nora María Ramírez de Stemp.


Banco Davivienda and Davivienda Seguros have the “Let's take care of those who take care of us” campaign, which seeks for the population to contribute to the protection of medical personnel.


For every donor dollar, Davivienda will donate another dollar, up to $ 50,000. Donations will be received directly into the Salvadoran Red Cross account 0025-1013-7107.

Actualizado 04/28/2020
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