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General Director of Customs verifies compliance with measures of biosafety protocols in Intradesa

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The official verified compliance with the biosecurity measures for the prevention of COVID-19 infections in a textile company Intradesa.


During a meeting with executives of said company and after the tour of its facilities, the representatives of this state agency corroborated compliance with the comprehensive protocol for the prevention of biological risks in the workplace, which was issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Social in the framework of economic reopening.


The official found that two work shifts have been implemented to avoid crowding and that, in addition, acrylic dividers have been placed on the cafeteria tables in order to maintain distance when eating food.


"There is compliance with all biosecurity measures," said Gustavo Villatoro, general director of Customs, and mentioned among them the use of masks, taking the temperature of personnel, distancing and wearing masks, as well as that the company has a business clinic .


“We have carried out 35 inspections in companies of all categories since the economic reactivation phase began. Our plan is to reach 45 companies by the end of this week ”, Villatoro concluded.

Actualizado 06/29/2020
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