Jeans: Opportunity of the textile sector in the US market

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The textile sector expects an increase in jeans sales in the US market in the next 4 years, as highlighted by the study of Market Trends: Jeans United States, prepared by the Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador (PROESA).


According to the document, jeans sales were impacted by a change in consumer preferences towards casual and athletic styles, and this product has also been affected by the low performance of premium and super premium jeans sales, mainly to lower product launches and lack of new designs and styles.


Likewise, the vintage trend, also known as retro, has been positioned in the economic and standard category, and this consists of retaking designs from the 60s, 70s and 80s, in which it is sought that the pairs of jeans are unaltered or carefully retouched with minimal adjustments, preserving the original styles.


This has caused that the majority category of jeans sold are the economic ones, which represented 61% of the total of jeans sold in 2017 in the USA, with more than 338 million sold pairs, which represent more than USD 6,471 million.


It is expected that the economic category will grow the most with 1.8% in the average volume of sales, raising the average sales value by 4.6%, standard jeans will grow 1.6% with respect to the volume of sales, increasing the value of these to 4.4%, while Premium and Super Premium styles will decrease their volumes by -2.5% and -3.4%, respectively.


The companies with the largest market share are Walmart with 17.4%, VF Corp with 15.9%, GAP with 9.8% and Target with 7.6%.


These trends would represent an export opportunity for Salvadoran textile and clothing companies in El Salvador.

Actualizado 06/01/2018
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