Charter of Rights


The National Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador (PROESA), with the purpose of providing a better service to citizens and fulfill its statutory function of: a) Promoting exports of Salvadoran goods and services, boost exports growth and diversification and create more and better job opportunities in the country and b) promote foreign investment, to mainly contribute to the creation of more and better employment opportunities through increasing such investments, thus supplementing the domestic investment capacity, commits to the following to achieve its goal:


Right to be serviced through all available channels


Citizens are entitled to:

  • Be serviced in person or by phone, from 8:00 a. m. to 5:00 p. m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
  • Be serviced in writing as soon as possible, either by means of a paper document, email, fax or contact form via the institution´s website.
  • Consult the website of the institution, at to find information related to the services and activities offered by PROESA.


Right to receive an adequate customer service


Citizens are entitled to:

  • Know the name, title, office phone number and email address of the authorities or officials servicing them.
  • Be treated with kindness and respect by the staff of the institution, by showing consideration for their interests and concerns, and adapting to their psychological, social and cultural circumstances.
  • Be treated on equal terms and without discrimination based on sex, language, religion, social status, nationality, origin, opinion, etc.
  • Demand maximum punctuality in the proceedings of the institution in which his or her appearance is necessary.


The right to obtain information


Citizens are entitled to:

  • Obtain general information required in a truthful, efficient, adequate, transparent and updated, manner, provided that its disclosure is not contrary to the statutory provisions in force.
  • Receive precise information on the procedure to be performed and its length in time, as well as the respective tariffs to be paid, and the assistance to fill the various forms required for the proceeding.
  • Have available free of charge, the formats and forms used for any proceeding, whether personally, by email or fax.
  • Receive oral or written information from the institution, in a comprehensible language, using simple syntax, vocabulary and structure, without prejudice to its technical rigor.


Right to an efficient process


Citizens are entitled to:

  • Be serviced under the first in first out modality.
  • A streamlined process, solving issues in a prompt manner within the deadlines established, and to be informed about delays, if any, and their specific reason.
  • Know, at any time, the status of their proceeding.
  • Total privacy, security and confidentiality regarding personal information, before, during and after the proceeding, or any other communication established with the institution. 


Right to have their rights enforced


Citizens are entitled to:

  • Receive, when unsatisfied with the services offered, detailed explanations, and the immediate resolution of the complaint submitted.
  • Submit claims, complaints and suggestions concerning the improper functioning of the institution or the improper processing of requests, and receive a prompt response.
  • Exercise and demand the full respect to the rights recognized in this charter, and those provided by the law, regardless of any sensory, mental or physical impairment.


Right to participate in the improvement of the institution


Citizens are entitled to:

  • Provide, through any oral or written channel, information aiming at improving the institution or its services, in the form of suggestions, recommendations, comments or communication on past experiences with the institution.
  • Be informed about initiatives undertaken by the institution for its improvement, both through the media and through customer inquiries about this topic.




Your collaboration is important. Help us serve you better. Report on the implementation of this charter of rights by phone (503) 2241-6400, or at:


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