Advice for exporters


Advice for exporters

Support through advisory services relating to international trade

PROESA supports businesses through advisory services relating to international trade in order to facilitate their entry into export markets.


Advice is aimed at export process related topics, including:



Information Services


Export rules and regulations of destination countries, specific conditions for market access, information on certifications, foreign trade statistics and market information.

Adaptation Process Support


Review and improvement of labels, finding suppliers, export pricing, marketing strategy, legal and logistical advice.

Complementary Strategic Information


In order to facilitate decision-making for entrepreneurs who want to venture into foreign markets.

Trade Promotion


Business contacts, advice for participation in trade showsand missions.


Depending on the needs and interest of the entrepreneur, the above issues can be addressed via two kinds of advisory help:



Specific advice

PROESA provides assistance to entrepreneurs  addressing specific questions on issues related to international trade.



Comprehensive advice

Under this modality, the entrepreneur and the specialist set a goal and a work plan consisting of a series of activities to be developed within a specific timeframe. This plan is developed based on identified needs and opportunities in different areas of the company and in the destination market.


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