Miscellaneous Manufacturing


Among the major manufacturing sectors in El Salvador with potential for exporting are:



In El Salvador the garment industry ranks first in total exports. The most representative products of this sector are: t-shirts, shirts, socks, sweaters, underwear, dresses, cotton and synthetic fibers. Its main export markets are the United States, Central America, Mexico and Canada.



Plastics represent 7% of total exports. Among the most exported products are: plastic bags, plastic containers, bottles, jars, flexible material for packaging, furniture, household and disposable products. Its main target markets are the Central American countries.



It represents 5% of total exports. The main products are: corrugated iron, smooth-rolled iron or steel products without alloys, aluminum, steel wire without alloys, agricultural tools, aluminum kitchen items, among others. Its main export markets are Central America, the United States and the Caribbean



This industry represents 5% of total exports. The most important products are: medicines and medical drugs for human use, cleaning products, fertilizers, parenteral solutions, contraceptive preparations, veterinary products, among others. Its main export markets are Central America, the Caribbean and the United States.




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