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Export Culture



This project seeks to foster a national consciousness in favor of foreign trade; capacity building and new export-oriented entrepreneurships; as well as an awareness of the quality and competitiveness of micro and small businesses and entrepreneurs with export potential nationwide. The project also promotes training in foreign trade for Secondary and Higher Technical Education teachers and students. Encouraging this way, strategies to improve the coverage and quality of educational services offered to the student population, responding to the demands of the productive sector and therefore, meeting the professional and labor development needs of the country.


The promotion, the encouragement of an export culture and the competitiveness are three essential factors for exports, besides that, they are key elements to internationalize products and services in a global and highly competitive environment, such as the current one.


The export culture subject focuses not only on exports as a business but as a new culture, which aims to develop the ability to move values, lifestyle, habits, knowledge and business practices to achieve a favorable attitude and behavior toward competitiveness. It also involves raising awareness in the employers that the export or internationalization is a key factor for business growth and inclusive development of the country.


PROESA through the Project for the Promotion of an Export Culture works closely with institutions such as the National Support Commission for Micro and Small Enterprises (CONAMYPE) in the creation of Micro and Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs, as well as with the Ministry of Education (MINED) in the training of teachers and students from high-schools and higher technical education institutions.