About us



To be recognized as the leading institution for exports and investment promotion and for public-private partnerships, and as the strategic ally of public and private stakeholders.




Build and coordinate the interagency system for the promotion of exports, investments and public-private partnerships, to help increase production and national productivity and create more employment opportunities and national development.



  • Respect for People

Treat others with respect and consideration for their dignity, as we like to be treated ourselves, recognizing and valuing the qualities of others, either by their knowledge, skills, experience or worth.

  • Ethics

Working with professional integrity, honesty and responsibility to fulfill its objectives PROESA. Others apply ethical principles that we hold in our actions, in order to build trust and transparency in operations and customer relationships.

  • Teamwork

Working together toward a common goal, seeking the most efficient way to coordinate to achieve it, with the participation of all and mutual aid, not being competitive with each other, but looking for the best way to achieve the goal.

  • Commitment to Quality

Do the job with quality, seeking continuous improvement, in order to create value for customers, meeting their requirements and expectations, and the country contributing to the generation of jobs, economic growth and export diversification.


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