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ETESAL will invest USD 23 MM in electric power transmission network to boost the Surf City project

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The Transmission Company of El Salvador (ETESAL), announced the expansion of the electric power transmission network that amounts to an investment of more than USD 23 million, aiming to promote the Surf City project in the department of La Libertad.


The expansion of the electric power transmission network consists on the construction of a substation in the municipality of Tamanique, La Libertad, which will have a capacity of 50 megavoltage (MVA) and will be connected through a 115 kilovolt transmission line (kV) from the Talnique substation, located in the same department. For the construction of the substation, the projected amount is USD 12.9 million; and the transmission line is worth USD 10.7 million, totaling between them USD 23.7 million.


This investment will boost the Surf City project, which consists on the creation of a tourist circuit of beaches, which includes: El Zonte, El Palmarcito, El Tunco, El Sunzal, Punta Roca, La Paz, La Zunganera, El Pimental, Punta Mango, Las Flores, among others.


The emergence of the coastal zone and other related areas will demand improvements in the electricity grid, both in new tourism investments that are generated, as well as in the housing sector. Currently, new hotels have begun construction on El Zonte beach, which require stable and reliable energy.


The expansion will attract more investments that will generate employment and improve the quality of life of approximately 150,000 inhabitants in the coastal zone, as in other jurisdictions in the department of La Libertad, who will receive more stable and reliable electricity. The construction of the project will begin in early 2020 and will last approximately 18 months.


Of the 22 municipalities that make up the department of La Libertad, ten will benefit from this investment: La Libertad, Tamanique, Chiltiupán, Jicalapa, Teotepeque, Comasagua, Zaragoza, Santa Tecla, San José Villanueva and Huizúcar.

Actualizado 09/03/2019
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