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Casa 1800, a tourist destination

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Casa 1800 is a tourist destination with a new concept that allows you to take a little piece of El Salvador.


Casa 1800, a project developed by Salvadorean Tours, has been able to position itself as  a tourist hub in the Suchitoto area, creating jobs and boosting the local economy by buying crafted goods made by local artisans.


As part of its social responsibility projects, Casa 1800 has implemented a zero plastic policy and recycles the tap water used at the restaurant, to water the plants and gardens of the surrounding areas.


Casa 1800 is currently in an expansion phase in order to create a unique concept in the country and  become the first luxury colonial hotel in El Salvador.  The project has been designed respecting the original building features, because the owners of the project are aware that preserving historic buildings is vital to understanding the country's heritage. Each room of the hotel will have a unique concept, inspired by the history of El Salvador.


PROESA has support this company in all the stages of this project and according to Rodrigo Moreno, Marketing Manager of Salvadorean Tours and Casa 1800 “PROESA has been very important, the institution has been the compass that has guided us in the right direction, in order to overcome the obstacles related to the processes to obtain the permits to operate the project as our legal framework requires”.

Actualizado 09/03/2019
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