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Química Nava starts operations in El Salvador

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The Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador PROESA participated in the inauguration of Quimica Nava´s plant, a company dedicated to the manufacturing and trading of chemical products for the textile industry. The company is of Italian-Peruvian origin.


Química Nava made the decision to invest in El Salvador through the establishment of a textile chemical production plant and a trading office, in compliance with the legal regulations required by the country.


The investment made by Química Nava in El Salvador includes the purchase of the land where the industrial warehouse is located, within the International Free Zone; the construction of the 10,000 squared meter warehouse and machinery (reactors and mixers). It is a capital intensive company , which expects to generate 50 direct jobs.


Among its production processes are dilutions of mixtures and chemical synthesis to obtain products, such as detergent, enzymes, silicones, among others. The company is currently the leader in the Peruvian market in distribution and production of chemicals. With this investment, Química Nava has established itself as the first foreign manufacturing plant for specialized chemical products for the textile industry  in El Salvador.


PROESA has supported the company in all the different processes for obtaining permits, both for the trading office and for the production plant. As part of that support, and to provide legal certainty that the company would enjoy the benefits of the Free Zones Law, a reform of the Free Zones Law was carried out, since this law restricted the use and commercialization of alcohol from any origin.


After reviewing the reform made to the Law of Free Zones, the Congress concluded that it was a restriction for the inclusion of ethyl alcohol. Therefore, it is necessary to reform it, so that companies such as Química Nava, which use other types of alcohols in their processes, were included as beneficiariesof the Law, allowing them to invest in the country.

Actualizado 09/30/2019

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