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AVX KYOCERA, a leading manufacturer of high technology.

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AVX has 33 years of establishment in El Salvador, is dedicated to the manufacture of advanced electronic components, giving the country the necessary experience in the manufacture of ceramic and tantalum electronic capacitors that comply with international standards.


The company began its operations with 900 employees and now has more than 3,500. In the country, it has concentrated a large part of its volume business in the production of electronic capacitors, producing 90 million ceramic capacitors and 70 million tantalum per week; transferring production lines from Mexico, England and Czech Republic.


Its production went from assembly to chemical processes, molding, testing and packaging. The implementation of the new lines of production has been done in 10 months a short time compared to the two years it has taken in other countries.


In 2018, its exports totaled US$ 171,393,411.2 million dollars, highlighting an annual growth of 5.6 % and participation of 2.9 % in total exports, ranking it among the top five exporting companies in El Salvador.


High levels of production and advanced labor become key factors of the reason why AVX is located in El Salvador. At present, they have a production efficiency of over 97 %.


Actualizado 12/18/2019
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