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El Salvador is showcased as an attractive country for exports and investment on Expo Milano 2015

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The Government of El Salvador, through the Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador (PROESA) and its president, Sigfrido Reyes, led a delegation of businessmen and government representatives to join Expo Milano 2015. The activity took place on Milan, Italy, on September 15th, as part of the National Day of the Republic of Central America, which coincided with the national independence of El Salvador.


This year, Expo Milano 2015 addresses a key question: How to ensure food security for present and future generations? Countries around the world have gathered to address the issue from different angles, including science for food security and quality, innovation in the agri-food supply chain, technology for agriculture and biodiversity, nutritional education and gastronomic traditions from different world cultures and ethnic groups.


"Expo Milano 2015, with its theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life", undoubtedly will be the first world exposition to be remembered not only for its impressive structures and activities, but also for its contribution to the debate about food, nutrition and sustainable resources worldwide", said Sigfrido Reyes, president of PROESA. "We are confident that Expo Milano opens unique opportunities for cultural exchange between countries at different levels and a platform to interact and bring new solutions to meet the challenges our societies are facing, such as poverty and malnutrition”, added Reyes.


General Commissioner of Expo Milano 2015, Bruno Pasquino, recalled that it was "a special day for El Salvador," and proceeded to give a heartfelt thanks to all the Italian – Salvadoran community. "It is a fully integrated community, which makes an important contribution to the world of work and all life aspects in our society" he added.


El Salvador, through its official stand in Expo Milano, is showing one of the most representative export products: Salvadoran coffee. President Reyes highlighted important information about our country’s participation in the world: 30 countries, including Italy, buy Salvadoran coffee; El Salvador has the first world champion barista from a coffee producing country, title won in 2011; 67.3% of sales from 2014 - 2015 harvest came from differentiated and high value coffee, which includes gourmet, organic, sustainable, fair trade, natural and fine coffee, as well as mixtures.


Pasquino also confirmed the recognition that Salvadoran coffee already has: "In Expo Milano 2015, El Salvador speaks of the union between coffee tradition and the technological development of the country," he said.


During this Expo, PROESA met with the Salvadoran community attending the event, conducted important approaches to business and community leaders, showcased the various export and investment opportunities of El Salvador and exchanged experiences with other participating countries.


Expo Milano 2015 is held from May 1st and will end on October 31st, 2015 in Milan. For more information about the fair, visit


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