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Vanessa Vandak

During the first half of 2019, El Salvador obtained $ 435.9 million in the net flow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), $ 148.5 million more than in the first half of 2018, according to the statistics of the Central Reserve Bank (BCR).


Each country receives its foreign capital, but they also experience its expenses through dividends, the profits generated by the subsidiaries and sent to their respective parent companies, as well as loans. However, the difference between both figures (inputs and outputs) is net FDI, which is an indicator used by international organizations to compare performance between countries.


The increase obtained in FDI was in the net investments that the Information and Communications, Electricity (mainly in non-conventional energy), and industry sectors had. Unlike 2018, which were the industrial sectors, commerce and financial and insurance activities.


The Central Bank indicated that FDI companies during the first half of 2019 remitted to their foreign shareholders $ 492.6 million in dividend payments, reflecting a growth of 35.6% compared to what was paid during January to June 2018.


This amount represents the highest amount paid in that period in the last eight years. In addition, incentives in the home markets, the free capital mobility of the Salvadoran market and the liquidity of the companies are among the main conditions for the transfer of these resources, said the Central Reserve Bank in its publication.


In 2018, foreign direct investments raised $ 287 million of investment, $ 118 million less than the same period of 2017, and much less than in 2019.




In our country there are more than 70 companies that offer the Offshore Business Services, from countries such as the United States, France, Mexico, Spain, Guatemala, Colombia, Canada, India and Argentina.


The Offshore Business Services Sector include in the call centers, business process outsourcing (BPO), and information technology services.

El Salvador is located in the heart of America, this allows you to serve its customers in in various regions in United States and Canada. It also works as a complementary time zone for customers in Europe and Asia.


The sector generates more than 20,000 local jobs, with more than 11,000 workstations and more than 70 local and foreign companies.



The sales of the Offshore Business Services industry represent more of US$245 millions, the assets of the industry promote to more of US$220 millions, last 10 years the sector has been growing to double digits.



El Salvador, through its good business climate, infrastructure, and specially due to its strong and skilled workforce, is ideal for companies which are looking to:  expand or centralize their operations, reduce operating costs; and optimize processes and resources in the Offshore Business Services sector.

Martes, 31 Mayo 2016 17:40

Success stories: SYKES

SYKES is a global leader in contact center solutions and business processing outsourcing (BPO). These high value services are provided from El Salvador in English and Spanish in sub-sectors such as Contact Centers. Large customers with sophisticated needs trust their customer management to Sykes. From multilingual services to combinations of on-shore and off-shore, Sykes presents the "right-shore" approach to its customers.


We are very pleased to have chosen El Salvador as the second country in the Central American region to offer the contact center services to our clients and to have grown from 175 to more than 3,000 associates in the process.  According to our existing clients, SYKES El Salvador is #1 or #2 among the other providers they use around the world.  The flexibility and consistency of SYKES El Salvador talent make it the right strategic partner to increase their customers' loyalty and strengthen their brand."

Charles E. Sykes, President and CEO, SYKES

El Salvador counts with more than one decade of recognized world quality in operations of call centers and BPO:

  • Its labor force efficient cost reaches the highest comeback for its investment.
  • El Salvador is recognized by the companies existing global leaders as a center of excellence.
  • Five companies of Offshore Business Services are already between the 15 biggest employers deprived of the country.
  • This 5 call centers reach them 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in KPIs in its operations on a global scale as well as levels of satisfaction of the client of 96 %.
  • Its operations in El Salvador stand out between the most important first five subsidies on a global scale.


El Salvador offers important attractive tax incentives for investors who operate under the International Services Law:

  • Full exemption from customs duties and other taxes on the import of machinery, equipment, tools, replacement parts, accessories, furniture, office equipment and other required for the execution of the incentivized activity
  • Total exemption from income tax, for income deriving from the incentivize activity, during the period of operation in the country
  • Total exemption from municipal taxes on company assets during the period of operation in the country

The investment opportunities offered by the country in sector of Offshore Business Services were presented by the Export and Investments Promotion Agency of El Salvador (PROESA) in one major event that bring together potential investors of the region and the world.



Nearshore Nexus 2016, is a conference realized in San Francisco, California, focused in generating dialogue on the business opportunities in services of Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in Latin America.



During this event, PROESA presented the competitive advantages that El Salvador offers as a major recipient of foreign. Between these they stand out the closeness to main markets of demand, high levels of customer satisfaction, neutral accents, compatibility with time zone for primary customers, low labor rotation and low costs of operation

Las oportunidades de inversión que ofrece el país en el sector de Servicios Empresariales a Distancia (SED) se expusieron por parte del Organismo Promotor de Exportaciones e Inversiones de El Salvador (PROESA) en un importante evento que reúne a potenciales inversionistas de la región y el mundo.


Nearshore Nexus 2016, es una conferencia realizada en San Francisco, California, enfocada en generar diálogo sobre las oportunidades de negocio en servicios de tecnologías de información y externalización de servicios de negocios (BPO) en América Latina.


Durante este evento, PROESA presentó las ventajas competitivas que ofrece El Salvador como un importante receptor de inversión extranjera en el rubro. Entre estas se destacan la cercanía a principales mercados de demanda, altos niveles de satisfacción al cliente, acento neutro del personal, compatibilidad con zonas horarias de mercados en busca de oferta, baja rotación laboral y bajos costos de operación.

El Salvador cuenta con más de una década de reconocida calidad mundial en operaciones de centros de llamadas y BPO:

  • Su fuerza laboral costo-eficiente alcanza el más alto retorno por su inversión.
  • El Salvador es reconocido por las empresas líderes globales existentes como un centro de excelencia.
  • Cinco empresas de SED ya se encuentran entre los 15 mayores empleadores privados del país.
  • Estos 5 call centers alcanzan los 1eros, 2ndos y 3eros lugares en KPIs en sus operaciones a nivel mundial así como niveles de satisfacción del cliente de 96%.
  • Sus operaciones en El Salvador destacan entre las primeras cinco subsidiarias más importantes a nivel mundial.


El Salvador brinda importantes incentivos Fiscales para los inversionistas que operan bajo la Ley de Servicios Internacionales:

  • Exención de derechos arancelarios y demás impuestos sobre la importación de maquinaria, equipo, herramientas, repuestos, accesorios, mobiliario y demás bienes necesarios para la ejecución de la actividad incentivada.
  • Exención total del impuesto sobre la renta por los ingresos provenientes de la actividad incentivada, durante el periodo que realice sus operaciones en el país.
  • Exención total de impuestos municipales sobre el activo de la empresa, durante el periodo en que realice operaciones en el país.
Martes, 31 Mayo 2016 16:20

Caso de éxito: SYKES

SYKES es un líder global en soluciones de centros de contacto y externalización de procesos de negocio (BPO). Estos servicios son prestados desde El Salvador con alto valor para alternativas en inglés y español en sub-sectores tales como Centros de Contacto. Grandes clientes con sofisticadas necesidades confían la gestión de sus clientes a Sykes. Desde servicios multilingües, multipaís, combinaciones de on-shore y off-shore, Sykes presenta The "right-shore" approach a sus clientes.


Estamos muy satisfechos de haber escogido El Salvador como el segundo país en la región Centroamericana para ofrecer los servicios de centro de contactos y haber pasado de 175 a más de 3,000 colaboradores en ese periodo de tiempo. De acuerdo a nuestros clientes existentes, SYKES El Salvador está en el lugar #1 o #2 dentro de los proveedores de servicios que ellos utilizan alrededor del mundo. La flexibilidad y confiabilidad del talento de SYKES El Salvador lo hacen el socio estratégico por excelencia, en la búsqueda de la fidelización de sus clientes y en el fortalecimiento de su marca en el mercado."


Charles E. Sykes, Presidente y CEO de SYKES

En nuestro país existen más de 70 empresas que brindan los Servicios Empresariales a Distancia, de países como Estados Unidos, Francia, México, España, Guatemala, Colombia, Canadá, India y Argentina.


Los Servicios Empresariales a Distancia comprenden además de los call centers, los procesos empresariales (BPO), así como los servicios de tecnologías de información.

El Salvador se encuentra en el corazón de América, esto le permite atender a sus clientes en diversas regiones como en Estados Unidos y Canadá. Así también funciona como zona horaria complementaria para clientes en Europa y Asia.


El sector genera más de 20,000 empleos locales, con más de 11,000 estaciones de trabajo y más de 70 empresas locales y extranjeras.


Las ventas de la industria de Servicios Empresariales a Distancia representan más de US$245 millones, los activos de la industria ascienden a más de US$220 millones, los últimos 10 años el sector ha estado creciendo a dígitos dobles.


El Salvador, mediante un buen clima de negocios, infraestructura, y sobre todo por su fuerza laboral pujante y capacitada es ideal para las empresas que buscan: centralizar o expandir sus operaciones, reducir costos de operación y optimizar sus procesos y recursos en el sector de Servicios Empresariales a Distancia.

El Salvador offers attractive investment opportunities in:

  • Hotels/Boutique hotels (beach , surf, business, ecotourism, among others)
  • Convention Centers
  • Marinas
  • Spas and wellness centers
  • Mixed use development
  • Medical tourism: Hospitals, specialized clinics, medical spas, Resort hospitals


The country has a historical past inherited from the Maya, a pleasant climate all year round, competitive pricing of land, low construction costs and proximity to important markets of origin of international tourism. El Salvador also offers attractive tax incentives, such as:

  • Corporate tax exemption (income tax and local tax)
  • Real estate transfer and import tariff exemptions


I decided to invest in El Salvador for a multitude of reasons.  These include the following: governmental tax incentives for foreign investors, incredible climate, surfing and natural exotic beauty of La Libertad coastline, said Joey Kramer owner of the Lora Loca Hotel & Resort.

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