Participación Ciudadana

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Services Provided by PROESA



✓ Help and adviseadvice exporters by providing market information, business contacts, technical assistance and promotion overseas.

✓ Educate and train new exporters.

✓ Identify new trade opportunities to diversify target markets for Salvadoran products.

✓ Collaborate with public and private entities to promote Salvadoran exports.




✓ Promote direct foreign investment (DFI) in strategic sectors.

✓ Advise potential investors on the country´s assessment process.

✓ Guide and help investors throughout the assessment, establishment and expansion processes.

✓ Help develop tailor made programs for in situ visits of potential investors.

✓ Provide information and statistics on investment and new business opportunities.

✓ Create and offer proposals aimed at improving the business climate of the country.


Public-Private Partnerships:


✓ Work together with the public sector to build public- private alliances, particularly public-private partnerships.

✓ Promote public-private partnerships among potential investors.

✓ Increase competitiveness through investments in infrastructure.


In addition to the services previously mentioned, PROESA also promotes Salvadoran investment, exports and tourism in priority markets through the Salvadoran economic and trade advisors overseas.



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